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Mathis Crawl Space Cleaning

The crawl space is one area of the house that most homeowners don’t think about.

It can be dark, musty and for most people it is just a little bit creepy.

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MATHIS Crawl Space Cleaning, Repair & Restoration

Experts In Crawl Space Cleaning, Repair & Restoration


It’s time to go see what’s under your house!

We Clean Up The Mess Others Won’t

If you think you might need crawl space cleaning or repair for your home, or you just want a second opinion, we would be glad to help you figure out what needs to be done.

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Do I need Crawl Space Cleaning, Repair & Restoration?

Crawl space repair & restoration is necessary when the space becomes contaminated to a point where it is creating an unhealthy environment in the rest of the home.

This is typically caused by rodents or nuisance wildlife nesting in the area and leaving behind urine and feces.


We will clean, remove debris and contaminated insulation, disinfect, repair and restore your home’s crawl space.


We will thoroughly inspect your crawl space for FREE

Free Inpection

    • Rodent Damage?
    • Water Damage & Dry Rot?
    • Insulation & Vapor Barrier?
    • Plumbing and Electrical?
    • Vents, Entry Points?
    • Termites/ Insect Activity?


We will Clean, Disinfect, & Decontaminate

Clean the Crawl Space

  • Remove Animal Feces
  • Clean Animal Urine
  • Remove Damaged Insulation & Vapor Barrier
  • Clean & Remove Mold
  • Disinfect & Decontaminate


We will Repair & Replace Damaged Areas

Repair & Replace

We Repair Damage, Build a crawl space access door if needed, Re-install new vapor barrier and insulation to code.
If severe damage has occurred we may recommend a contractor



Add protection to entry points

Rodent Exclusion

Protection and Peace of Mind.
We add professional rodent exclusion measures, to prevent rodents, rats and mice from returning through vents, access door, or other entry points.



Get a complete summary of the condition of the crawl space
and recommendations for repair & improvement.

We will thoroughly inspect your crawl space and give you our recommendations in writing,
along with digital pictures of any areas of concern.

Let Our Professionals Take care of your Crawl Space and Pest Control Service Needs

Mathis Crawl space Restoration is part of and owned by Mathis Exterminating. We are a full service pest control company offering Single Vendor Service. When you hire Mathis, you are hiring one company that can do it all, not multiple contractors.

We specialize in the cleaning, repair and restoration of your home’s crawl space. Our pest control services and crawl space restoration work overlap, because many times the problems in a crawl space are caused by rats, mice, squirrels or other pests.

If you have damage in your crawl space it is to your advantage to have a single Vendor service company like Mathis, preform the repairs so that we can prevent pests from causing further damage. Having a single vendor service company has benefits on so many levels. The chance for error in communication is drastically minimized. You are dealing with the same company that will not only deal with the pest issue but will also perform the work to repair your crawl space as we discussed with you. Dealing with Mathis truly is one stop shopping.