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Crawl Space Repair & Restoration

When we do a pest inspection, and find damage to your crawl space, we may recommend getting a crawl space restoration performed.

What Is Crawl Space Repair & Restoration?

A crawl space repair & restoration is just what it sounds like. We will remove contaminated insulation, vapor barrier, and any debris. Where there is damage from pests or animals, we will either repair or in some cases, if severe damage has occurred, recommend a contractor.   We will disinfect the crawl space, repair damage, seal up any entry points and start the process of decontamination of those affected areas. We then install new insulation, new vapor barrier and ensure that an aggressive rodent program is in place to prevent future problems from rodents. It is a grueling job that is extremely labor intensive, dirty and tiresome work, but you can take comfort in knowing that Mathis has the right individuals who understand the process and what it takes to ensure your home stays rodent free.

Do I need Crawl Space Repair & Restoration?

Crawl space repair & restoration is necessary when the space becomes contaminated to a point where it is creating an unhealthy environment in the rest of the home. This is typically caused by rodents or nuisance wildlife nesting in the area and leaving behind urine and feces.